Brandenburg Initiative for Research Dissemination

As much as we believe in research, we believe in children's ability to relate to it at an early age.
This initiative joins together researchers and school-teachers in an effort to bring science closer to children to support them grow aware and responsible.

We are aware of the high workload you face as researcher, the time pressure you are under, the challenges involved in being published; we also know how important it is for your high-quality academic work to have a prompt and lasting social impact.


We give your research wings.


We help you disseminate your message towards audiences you never thought you could reach: school teachers and pupils in their class, school leaders and teacher trainers.


In this manner your research can have a much broader societal impact.


We assist you to develop an impact and dissemination strategy for your own research project. We draw on our expertise in scientific transfer to help you develop materials and tools that would craft your message to reach new audiences.

We use our international partners and networks of schools to disseminate your research and make your message heard.

We are your partners in research....

.... and in teaching.

We know how difficult it is for teachers to transmit prescribed amounts of information while preserving in students their sense of wonder, their fascination about the complexity of our world, and their joy at learning.


We give your class a bird’s-eye view.


We help you fill your lessons with accurate scientific information transmitted in a manner suitable to the age of your class. We help your students learn complex subjects in a playful way.


In this manner your lessons can be just as dense in content, but benefitting from a playful dynamic.

We offer personalized innovative educational tools with research-based contents and ludic methods, tailored on your particular needs. We organize play-sessions and workshops with children in your school or events for teachers in train-the-trainer format.


We use our academic network to assist you in basing your content on research and inspire your students to fact-check.